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Top 5 Best Crypto Cold Wallets In Today

Wallets are an important asset in the cryptocurrency space.  Every investor or trader in the cryptocurrency space needs a wallet for the safekeeping of their portfolio, profit, trading capital, etc. 

Just like a bank is used for the storage of fiat currency, a crypto wallet serves as a storeroom for crypto assets.

There are majorly two types of wallets in the cryptocurrency space, they are the Cold wallet and the Hot wallet. The Hot wallet is a wallet that is connected to devices, they come as Applications and may be connected to a cryptocurrency exchange.

These wallets include trust wallets, Metamask wallets, Edge wallets, etc. They are considered to be less insecure and prone to hacks, for this reason, traders and investors with large assets have often chosen to use a cold wallet.


What then are crypto Cold wallets? In this article, we will discuss what a Crypto Cold wallet is, its features, and the best picked Crypto Cold wallet in 2022.


What Is a Crypto Cold Wallet?
crypto cold wallets


A Crypto Cold wallet is a Crypto wallet that is not built as an application, not connected to the internet that can be used for the storage of cryptocurrency assets.

It comes in various shapes just like a USB, a flash drive, a disk, etc. They are also referred to as hardware wallets or you can simply say offline wallets.

Investors and traders with large crypto assets consider the Crypto Cold wallet as safer storage especially when they have large crypto assets, this is because before it can be hacked the hacker needs to have the Cold wallet handy alongside its password and keys as opposed to a hot wallet that can be hacked from any location.

Various Crypto Cold wallets can be used but some are considered the best you should use in 2022, but before we discuss the top 10 crypto Cold wallets you can use, let’s briefly highlight things you should consider before purchasing a Crypto Cold wallet.


  • Security.

You should consider the security features of the cold wallet. Security should be the most important aspect of the cold wallet. Ensure that if it gets to the wrong hand it will be almost impossible to hack into your asset. Also, consider if it is CCEAL5+ certified as this is a security chip used to store private keys. 

  • Storage Capacity.

In most cases, the Crypto Cold wallet is used to store large crypto assets. You must consider the storage capacity of the cold wallet, the number of assets it can carry, and the assets it can safely store.


  • User–Friendly.

A Crypto Cold wallet Should be user-friendly, this means that as a user, you can easily transfer and withdraw crypto assets without ambiguous procedures.


  • Cost.

Before buying a Crypto Cold wallet, you should consider the price of the wallet and the cost of maintenance. There are various prices of Crypto Cold wallets according to their features, it is preferably a user should go for a Crypto Cold wallet that is of reasonable cost and has the major Features of the Crypto Cold wallet.


Now let us consider some Crypto Cold wallet that is the Best picked in 2022.


Top 5  Best Picked Crypto Cold Wallets In 2022.

To help a Crypto investor or trader to make the right choices when considering the use of a Crypto Cold wallet, let us consider the best 5 Crypto Cold wallets in 2022 and their features.


1. Ledger Nano X Crypto Cold Wallet.

The Ledger Nano X crypto cold wallet is a ledger hardware crypto wallet that can be used for storage, exchange, and buying of Crypto assets easily. This is considered one of the best because it is user-friendly, and can be used on Android phones, laptops, and desktops. It has a ledger software attached to it that a user can use to exchange, send and receive currencies in any location.


It has features that support coin staking and as such users can stake their currencies and earn too, The ledger can support the storage and exchange of over 1,800 digital assets and over 5,500 cryptocurrencies that can easily be exchanged, sold, staked in the Ledger Nano X crypto cold wallet. The following are key features of the Ledger Nano X crypto cold wallet:


  • Dimension, Height, And battery life: The dimension of the Crypto Cold Wallet is 2mmx 18.6mm x 11.75mm, 34g height, 100mAh battery life, 1 USB – A cable, 1 get started leaflet, 3 recovery sheets, and one keychain strap.
  • Supported platforms: It supports platforms such as Windows 8.1, iOS 9+ and Android 7+
  • Safety Features: It is secure and low in price, It is exchange Incorporated which means it is safety certified, and It is accessible to ledger live.


2. Trezor Model T Crypto Cold Wallet

The Trezor Model T Crypto Cold wallet has support for third-party exchange usability through the Trezor internet interface, it is user-friendly since it allows touchscreen features and is encrypted. It can also be linked to a hot wallet like metamask etc.

 The Trezor Model T Crypto Cold Wallet is considered one of the best for the following features.

  • Dimension: The Trezor Model T Crypto Cold Wallet has 64mm x 39mm x 10 long, around 22g in weight.
  • Storage Capacity: Its storage capacity is unlimited and as such can store digital assets no matter the amount. It also supports over 1,800 currencies.
  • Safety Status: It is exchange Incorporated which means but is safe to use, it is antra-secure Offline storage and network isolated authenticated.
  • Supported platforms: It supports windows version 10 upward, macOS Version 10.11 upward, Linux, and Android.

3. Ledger Nano S Crypto Cold Wallet

The Ledger Nano S is a Crypto Cold Wallet from the ledger collection. although it doesn’t have enough storage for unlimited cryptocurrencies at a time,  It is one of the first Cold wallets that accepts over 1,800 cryptocurrencies.

The Ledger Nano S is considered one of the best Crypto Cold Wallet for the following features:

  • Dimension, Weight, And package Content: The Ledger Nano S Crypto Cold Wallet is 104mm x 58 mm x 5 mm in dimension and 16.2g in weight, 1000mAh battery life, USB cable, 1 get started leaflet, 1 key chain strap, and a micro B USB cable.
  • Security Status: The Ledger Nano S offers a live app for maximum security of Crypto assets, 3 recovery sheets, and exchange Incorporated.
  • Supported Platforms: The Ledger Nano S Crypto Cold wallet supports windows 8.1 +, macOS 10.14+, Android 7+, and Linux.

4. Cool Wallet Pro Crypto Cold Wallet


The Cool Wallet Pro Crypto Cold wallet is an easy-to-use cold wallet that doesn’t require an internet connection before connecting to a device but can connect through an encrypted Bluetooth connection. It can easily interact with Defi, Dapp, and NFT. It also allows users to stake their cryptocurrency coins or tokens and earn.

The Cool Wallet  Pro Crypto Cold Wallet is considered one of the best for the following features:

  • Dimension: It is 8.6mm x 54mm x 0.8 mm in dimension.
  • Storage And Security Status: The Cool Pro Crypto Cold Wallet has a multilayer cold storage Security because of its EAL6+ secure element (SE) AES256 and Encrypted Bluetooth low energy and 5 processors that control its battery management. A user can track, view, and exchange his cryptocurrency assets from the cold storage wallet. And it is exchanged Incorporated.
  • Material And power Status: It is made of a tamper-free, water-resistant, and metal body. It has a lithium battery of 3 v, 15 mAh that is rechargeable and can last for weeks.
  • Supported platforms: Its supports Platforms such as Android and iOS.

5. Safepal  S1 Crypto Cold Wallet

The Safepal S1 Crypto Cold Wallet is an easy-to-use, safe and simple Crypto Cold Wallet that supports 19 Blockchains and over 10,000 crypto tokens.

 It has a clear screen and a dodgy keyboard, 3 recovery sheets, wiping cloths, a setup leaflet, and can be recharged with a USB cable.

The Safepal S1 Crypto Cold Wallet is considered one of the best Crypto Cold Wallet for the following features:

  • Security: The Safepal S1 Crypto Cold Wallet has EAl 5+ security features, multi-layer security sensors that work on the destructing mechanism, and has effective 24/7 community service support for users. This is to ensure it is safe for use.
  • Dimension, Weight, And Screen Size: The Safepal S1 Crypto Cold Wallet is 8.6 x 5.4. x 0.6 in dimension and weight, 1.3″ IPS screen size.
  • Power And Battery Size: The Safepal S1 Crypto Cold Wallet can be charged with a USB cord and has a 400MAh battery life. As such can last for 20 days if not overused.
  • Supported platforms: The Safepal S1 Crypto Cold wallet supports Android and iOS.


Cryptocurrency investment and trading require a portfolio of either large amounts or small amounts that should be safely stored that is why a Crypto wallet is necessary.

The Crypto space is highly risky and as such, it is advised that those with large crypto-assets should consider obtaining a Crypto Cold wallet for the safety of their assets. We have picked out 5 Crypto Cold wallets that are considered safe for users, however, this doesn’t in any way suggest that users cannot consider other Crypto Cold wallets not listed in this article.

Note that no wallet whether Hot or Cold is considered 100% safe but users should be cautious of their assets and look out for security features before choosing which wallet to use.