Best Place To Swap Cryptocurrency

Best Place To Swap Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency swap is the process of exchanging a crypto token or coin for another using a crypto Exchange or a crypto swap. Crypto swapping involves a wallet-to-wallet exchange of digital assets easily. For example, a Crypto trader or investor may decide to exchange his Bitcoin for Ethereum or his Bitcoin for a stable coin. This is possible by swapping.

Someone can adopt the centralized swapping method which is done on crypto exchanges like Binance. The centralized platform has control over the coin swapped in the crypto exchange.

While someone can choose the ledger swap method which is decentralized. That means that the coin belongs to the individual owner and he is in total control.

Swapping cryptocurrency is not as easy as it may look, in some cases it is risky especially when there is centralized control. There are various Crypto Swap Platforms that are used in the Crypto space as such it might be difficult to choose which crypto swap platform to use.

This article will discuss the best platforms to swap cryptocurrencies safely and easily.


Before we go into the details, it’s crucial to understand what cryptocurrencies are and how they can be swapped.


What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a method of payment through Digital currencies. It is a Digital method of payment that doesn’t involve the traditional payment system.

Cryptocurrency can be bought, sold, exchanged, or traded in a cryptocurrency exchange without the involvement of a traditional financial institution.

Cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology and as such runs on a distributed public ledger that can record all transactions without a third party.

Cryptocurrency transactions are majorly carried out using the peer to peer method.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency coin in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto who has maintained an anonymous personality since its inception.

Other crypto coins include Etherium, litecoin, etc.

Cryptocurrencies are created through the mining process, which involves using technology to solve mathematical problems to create coins.

The cryptocurrency space is highly volatile and unpredictable, that is why it requires good knowledge before buying, selling, or exchanging cryptocurrency, it is also hackable and user Funds may be stolen.

For this reason, there is a need to decide which exchanges and swaps to facilitate the safe and easy transaction of Cryptocurrency.

How To Swap Cryptocurrencies

It is easy to swap cryptocurrencies through various Crypto Swap platforms available.

The following are steps that can be followed to swap Cryptocurrencies successfully:

  • Choose the swap platform and register an account with them following all registration processes.
  • An email will be sent to the email address you provided in the registration process for you to verify that you have opened an account with the swap Platform after the email verification.
  • Click the cryptocurrency in your portfolio that you want to Swap.
  • Input an amount you want to swap.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to receive in the exchange.
  • Click confirm to confirm the transaction.

Best Place To Swap Cryptocurrencies

Best Place To Swap Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency swapping is a regular and common practice in the Crypto space.

Traders and investors in the Crypto space swap Cryptocurrencies for various reasons, this might include taking advantage of a coin pump prediction, swapping to stable coins to avoid loss in unfavorable market conditions, holding various coins, and, tokens at the same time, etc.

When considering a Cryptocurrency Swap Platform, an individual must ascertain the security status of the exchange, its useability, flexibility, and swiftness.

To facilitate swap activities and to ensure an easy and safe swap of cryptocurrencies, it is important to consider some best Cryptocurrency swap platforms to do so.

The following are Cryptocurrency Swap Platforms that are considered the best place to swap cryptocurrency:

1. Changelly Cryptocurrency Swap Platform

Changelly is a widely used crypto Swap. It is a safe, reliable, flexible, user-friendly interface, fast and transparent.

Cryptocurrencies can be instantly Swapped using the Changelly platform with ease.

Cold wallets such as Nano S and Nano X can be linked using a Ledger with the Changelly Cryptocurrency Swap Platform.

Changelly Cryptocurrency Swap Platform has over 170 assets and a 0.25% trading fee which is relatively cheap.

2. ChangeNow cryptocurrency Swap Platform.

The ChangeNow cryptocurrency Swap Platform is a beginner-friendly awap platform that allows over 170 cryptocurrencies to be swapped in minutes to a cold wallet.

The ChangeNow cryptocurrency swap platform doesn’t require registration or limits when swapping cryptocurrencies, it has over 300 assets and can facilitate swaps with a fee of 0.5% – 1.5% respectively.

3. StealthEx Cryptocurrency Swap Platform

The StealthEx Cryptocurrency Swap Platform is a secure and beginner-friendly away Platform. It can Swap various coins in minutes.

It is decentralized because users can swap their cryptocurrency without creating an account on the platform.

It supports privacy-oriented coins and Defi tokens.

It allows over 300 assets and it’s spread only.

4. Exolix Cryptocurrency Swap Platform

Exolix has been used by a good number of users since its inception in 2018. It is fast, reliable, and safe to use. The Exiles cryptocurrency swap offers a limitless amount to swap, and no KYC is required.

It is a secured and anonymous exchange that allows various Crypto assets to be swapped with no complications.

The Exolix cryptocurrency swap Platform facilitates Crypto to Crypto exchange and allows over 530 assets and their spread only.

5. SimpleSwap Cryptocurrency Swap Platform

The SimpleSwap is considered one of the best places to swap cryptocurrency that users can trust because of its safety features, and reliable, easy crypto swap process.

Users can transfer or swap their coins and tokens to a cold wallet easily with registration or verification.

The SimpleSwap Cryptocurrency swap Platform allows over 300 assets and it is spread only.

6. Swapzone cryptocurrency Swap Platform

The Swapzone cryptocurrency swap platform is considered among the best because users can instantly swap their assets without passing through complicated processes.

With the Swapzone cryptocurrency swap Platform, users can use a single interface to compare exchange rates and market prices. It compares the prices of Cryptocurrencies from various sources and provides videos to its users with the best rates. It is safe, reliable, transparent, and easy to use. It allows over 300 assets and it is spread only.

7. LocalBitcoin Cryptocurrency Swap Platform

The  LocalBitcoin Cryptocurrency swap platform is safe and easy to use when swapping all kinds of cryptocurrency coins and tokens. It is a swap that uses a secure smart contract and Bitcoin script alongside a wallet.

The user has control over private keys and can swap cryptocurrencies without any control. It is a beginner-friendly swap and it provides 24/7 community support to users.

The LocalBitcoin Swap provides trading guides and tutorials to users and can train users with advanced trading techniques such as crypto arbitrage.

With the LocalBitcoin Swap, users can have access to a good number of cryptocurrencies and Swap for trade within minutes.

8. SwapSpace Cryptocurrency Swap Platform

The SwapSpace Cryptocurrency Swap Platform allows Crypto to Crypto swap in minutes without owning an account.

It is widely used and trusted by users because of its user-friendly and safe features. It has partnered with various exchanges too.

SwapSpace Cryptocurrency swap platform is an instant crypto aggregator that compares exchange rates of various Crypto exchanges and provides its users with the most affordable rates. allows users to swap over 350 coins without high exchange fees even if they do not have an account on the platform.  It provides users with limitless crypto swapping using a beginner-friendly interface and an intuitive four-step exchange flow.

Over 350 coins can be swapped on SwapSpace, and it is linked to over 60,000 exchange pairs.


When considering the best Cryptocurrency Swap Platform to use, users must choose a safe, easy, less expensive fee and transparent Cryptocurrency swap platform in order not to suffer the loss of assets and complications when Swapping.

The Cryptocurrency swap platform highlighted in this article is but a few reliable platforms that a user can swap cryptocurrencies successfully. However, this article seeks to pick out those that have good reviews and has been used worldwide for a safe and easy cryptocurrency swapping

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