Robert Kiyosaki - Author of RichDad PoorDad on Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki – Author of RichDad PoorDad on Bitcoin

The author of the Best Selling Book, Richdad Poordad, Robert Kiyosaki has some entrepreneurial tips to give on the recent Evolution taking place in the Money Environment.
“The Evolution of Money – RE: Bitcoin”
“I’m writing this post in November 2017. And here are just some of the headlines I’m reading today…”
“Buy Bitcoin’ Overtakes ‘Buy Gold’ as Online Search Phrase” (Bloomberg)
“Gold Versus Bitcoin: Which Should You Buy?” (Nasdaq)
“Gold and Bitcoin Both Challenge Fiat Currency’s Dominance” (Cambridge House International)
“Hedge Funds Push the Price of Bitcoin to New Highs” (New York Times)
He further went on to write,
“And at the moment of me writing this, the price for Bitcoin is at……$7,025.20.
That’s up from $4,552.60 on this day LAST MONTH.”
With the percentage increase in the value of Bitcoin in a year, it could really be very difficult for one not to be interested in the headlines parading different media.
“When you do the math – Bitcoin has increased in value by 55.30% in just a month!
And in the past year – it’s up from $700.30!
That’s a MIND-BOGGLING 897.69% increase in 12 months!
And this my friend, is where I believe money is going – all digital.
Because every single BOOM in history has followed this pattern…
*The stock market
*The tech boom
*The housing boom
*And now Bitcoin (along with a handful of other cryptocurrencies).”

Well, a few reasons: The USD is dead – it’s backed by nothing.
Corruption & human error are rampant in currencies all over the world.
Governments and nations and bureaucrats control money.

In stark contrast – Bitcoin: Is unhackable. The main thing “backing it” is that it’s safe, stable & available globally.
Is not prone to human error. No need for a banker or middle-man to buy, sell, or trade it.
Is in the hands of the people (for the time being). No government or nation owns it.
So what’s the point here? The point is this – if you want to invest in something trendy, look at Bitcoin. It’s climbing higher and higher despite what the critics say. In fact, many people are predicting 5-digit Bitcoin early next year (2018).
But like any investment, there’s a risk.
I don’t think being ‘trendy’ is a good enough reason to invest, though it might be a good reason to get educated and learn more about it.
I CAN tell you gold will be around in 20 years. I can’t say the same about Bitcoin or even the dollar.
There are zero guarantees. You could win big or, you could lose big.
And while Bitcoin could be a great investment, it’s not the main thing I ALWAYS recommend.
“My #1 recommendation is still Education. Followed closely by investing in Real Estate. But again, there’s still a risk with that. You have to buy and sell right, or you could lose everything.
Then there’s gold, silver, and stocks. First off, if you’re investing in the stock market, you need to be aware that it’s a bubble waiting to burst (some say that Bitcoin is too – I don’t but only time will tell).
Secondly, gold and silver are fine, but they aren’t going to produce a lot of value for you quickly. They’re good to own, but they’re likely not going to make you rich.
So, the safest bet? It’s this – Entrepreneurship.
Here’s why…as an Entrepreneur, you control the outcome and Earning Potential.
Bitcoin, gold, silver, and stocks can all go away in an instant. And you’d have no say in it. That’s because you don’t control them.
You can make a good ROI *from them*, but again, it’s ultimately not up to you.
You just watch and react. But as an entrepreneur – you get to choose your own ending.
Because you’re steering the ship! And becoming an entrepreneur (as opposed to an employee or business owner) is the best bet you can make. Because you’re betting on yourself.

And succeeding as an Entrepreneur is in your own best Interest!


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