If you’re not investing your money, you’ll always be a slave to your income. My goal today is to help you use money to make money via Cryptocurrency investment strategies (like Bitcoin) that have brought some of the highest returns in history.
You do not need to have a lot of income to get started with any of these strategies.
Although it helps to have a lot.
You can start investing today even if you only have $100 spare income a month!

If you invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010, you’d have about $150 million right now. This is obviously an extreme example, but crypto investing isn’t rocket science. You can invest in Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies during your lunch break.
I’m not promising you that you’ll make any money with crypto or any other investing strategies. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest you invest ANY of your money that isn’t leftover after expenses.

I call these leftover expenses investable assets. An investable asset is money that you wouldn’t have a heart attack over if you lost it.

By the way,
My name is  Collins Ebosele;

CEO, Linzsolutions International…. I’m a skilled Cryptocurrency trader and coach.
I have trained and mentoring over 200 people who are now happy trading and earning from Cryptocurrency daily, weekly and monthly.

Even if you have $10 or $1,000 invest-able assets, that’s enough. You can start small and once you learn the ropes, you can expand.

Someone bought some Ethereum from me early March 2017 at the rate of $25 per one. By the end of 2017, one Ethereum was already trading at $800. Just imagine that crazy profit in one year.
Or do I tell you about one of my student who bought Ripples worth $90 early 2017? When he sold early 2018, it was worth $2,200. That is good money!
So many other coins have made people millionaires within short period of time.
You can invest more as you make more profit and continue to invest your earnings. This simple technique is how the richest and smartest people use money to make money.
There’s no better time to start than now.

In fact:
The sooner you start investing, the better!
At just 25 years old, Warren Buffett — one of the richest investors in the world — started an investment company.

He used $5,000 of his own funds and collected $100,000 from his friends and family.
By making smart investments, like with American Express, he grew his net worth from thousands to millions to what it is today — 80.3 BILLION dollars!
He wouldn’t have grown his income that much if he didn’t get started.
3 things you must know about investing your money*

*The first is knowing HOW to get money to invest.
*WHAT to invest in.
*WHEN to invest.
There are hundreds of options when it comes to investing your money, but not all of them are good.

Investing in Beanie Babies, for example, might’ve made you money in the short term — but most people who tried that are now broke.

You need to rely on proven investing strategies.

Some of these include:

*Short term investment
*Mid term investment
*Long term investment
Once you know WHAT to invest in, you now need to understand WHEN is the best time to make your investment.

Timing is key.

A good rule of thumb — and this is important — is to get excited when people are fearful, and to be fearful when everyone’s excited.

Here’s what I mean:
When the market is in a panic, that usually signals a good opportunity to buy because prices drop.
On the flipside, when the market is excited it’s usually a sign of an upcoming crash.
Okay — so once you know what to invest in and when to invest, there’s one last rule to follow.
I can accurately predict about 2% of people on this page want more help beyond what I’m sharing in my free Tip on Cryptocurrency.
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Another good news is that, new cryptocurrency coins come out every time. At the early stage of introducing their projects, they give out free tokens to people, which is known as airdrop.
So many traders even started with zero capital, then started accumulating these free token which are now worth good money. As I type these, I have over one hundred types of different coins gotten from Airdrop which will be worth thousands of dollars few months from now.
Would you also want to learn how you can start claiming these free tokens?


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All these are valued at $748. But will you be paying this? NO!
My first batch of students paid $100 to get started with cryptotrading training.

One thing for sure is; whether you are complete novice in blockchain/cryptocurrency investment and trading or you are already trading, you will have my complete mentorship and signal group once you become a paid member and you will have access to meet other traders.

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I gave this buy signal and advice to my members on 12th May.
IMG 837b76bf 211d 4270 bbe1 ce03a11feefa
After few days of the buy signal,came this massive pump and great profit to us that bought with my signal
IMG da058bec ea5a 4ddf 9e32 eac6b9406ac8
Then my advise to my members to sell as much profits has been made already.
IMG 6d3bad34 4106 4595 9dac 23e3ac1ed120
This is another buy signal dropped in my signal group.
IMG 2e732cde f87d 49c3 a4ae 29cca9a8d384
Then came this great profit after my buy signal from the picture on top.
IMG 1725bb07 c895 4dc2 bb4a d256edff15cf
A happy member thanking me after making good profit.



















 My Live Trading Accounts


But this new batch of students will be paying just $25(#9,200) to get started the first month, a monthly mentorship fee of $5 which will commence the subsequent month.
Note that with the airdrops alone, you will be making free money monthly.
The Crypto space is expected to grow to over $5 trillion within the next five years. Won’t you be glad to know how to start benefiting from such a market?
Oh, lest I forget.You can also be buying and selling cryptocurrencies daily to individuals making much profits.
You only need spare cash to get started, before you know it, you will have so much to invest in other businesses.

Remember, this opportunity is not going to remain on this page for long. This is open for the first 100 students. As I type this, the space is being filled up already.
Just a starting amount of $25 (#9,200) and subsequent monthly mentorship fee of $5.

Limited slot left already, hurry now to get started.

Make payment to
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ETH; 0xc44201BB559F5fA91d6093A4d79fAB612E4a427b

After payment, send details to numbers below.
Whatsapp,call or text +2347068747734
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